Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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Wednesday, 30th July 2014

Making Hay

While the weather in Ireland is never a predictable thing the recent spell of very good weather that we have been experiencing has to be considered to be great for everyone. Of course we are not really used to having good weather, even in the summer, but it is a matter of making the most of it when it happens. We are very lucky here in Waterford in so far as we have great natural amenities on our doorstep which ensure that we can have a really good time when we have the good weather to truly enjoy them. Our beaches are second to none and no matter what kind of mood you are in and what you feel in the mood for there is a beach that will suit you down to the ground whether you just want

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Wednesday, 23rd July 2014


To say that the news that a packed airplane flying from Holland to Malaysia was downed over Eastern Ukraine and all on board lost came as surprise is to put things mildly. While at first there was some confusion as to what happened there now really can be no doubt that it was pro-Russian separatists who carried out the deed. Naturally enough there are some countries and agencies who want to find out and fully verify the facts before final blame can be assigned but it really doesn't take a scientist to work out what happened or indeed even how it happened. The Malaysian airline thought that it would be perfectly safe flying over the Ukraine because it did so at 33,000 feet and also that if anyone who had the technology to shoot down a plane would also now

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Wednesday, 9th July 2014

Joan of Inchicore

It came as no surprise that Joan Burton was elected as the new leader of the Labour Party last week but it was none the less a historic occasion as she is the first female leader of the party since its foundation in 1912. While there may be a grace period while she settles in as leader it won't be a particularly long one considering the particular circumstances surrounding her election. She has long been a part of the highest echelons of the party and a significant contributor to the party during its current period in Government. She is not an unknown quantity to the electorate and considering the fact that if the Government does last until the next scheduled election she won't have a particularly long time to put her stamp on her party's time in power.

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Wednesday, 2nd July 2014

Reshuffle Redux

When the Taoiseach Enda Kenny unveils the new line up of Ministerial posts and Junior Ministerial posts this week it will be interesting for a whole number of reasons. Naturally enough us here in Waterford will be anxious to see if anyone from our rota of T.D.'s gets a position and what that possibly could mean for the city and county. And there is no denying that with a Ministerial or Junior Ministerial post that it would be of significance for the city and county. A position at the cabinet table means a huge amount in terms of representation and what we could possibly get here in Waterford for ourselves. It is a decidedly selfish position to take but then again it is a very necessary one as we have seen time and again the importance of what top

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Wednesday, 25th June 2014


The WiKid Festival that took place last weekend was without a doubt a wonderful success. A combination of really good weather and some terrifically thought out events made sure that everyone who came to the event enjoyed every minute of it. Also with the majority of the events taking place in the Viking Triangle it really showed off this new historic centre in the city to its very best. However with so many different elements involved in the weekend taking place across the city it also at the same time ensured that visitors coming to the festival really got a taste of what Waterford has to offer. But first and foremost the event was all about children and with all the events based around what children would find interesting and fun there really was so much going on

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Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Looking Forward

Despite the serious news of reversals for Waterford over the last number of weeks it is heartening to see that this weekend we will have something to celebrate in the shape of the WiKID festival. If anything the festival shows without a doubt that whatever happens Waterford people are able to to tackle anything that is put in front of them with creativity and more than a touch of flair. There is no doubt that Waterford has had to meet some serious challenges over the last number of years and there is no getting away from the fact that it has been hard and that a lot of people have suffered serious setbacks. Hopefully though no matter what has happened the coming months and years will see a slow but sure positive advance for the city and county.

Sometimes it

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Wednesday, 11th June 2014

Lessons to learn

You cannot judge the past by the present. You can at the same time realise that there are certain standards of acceptable behaviour that are constant. Constants such as a regard for life and an understanding that the weak and powerless are as deserving of a quality of care as the rest of society. These constants were sorely lacking in how mothers and babies were treated in the Bon Secour's mother and child institution in Tuam from the 1920's onwards. The manner in which the children who died there were treated understandably have made headlines all over the world, once again showing that Ireland, no matter how we might view ourselves, was not a country that really understood or practised the religious values of care and specifically care for the vulnerable that we so often prided ourselves on.

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Wednesday, 4th June 2014

Second Chance

The swiftness with which Eamonn Gilmore stepped down from the leadership of the Labour Party surely has to be commended considering the disastrous results which his party received in the recent elections. He could have fought on but he would have always been a target for dissent. Instead he took a step which is rarely taken in Irish politics and bowed out, recognising that he had failed the party terribly and that his time as leader was definitely up. You could argue that it was not so much Eamonn Gilmore that failed but his party as a whole but that doesn't take into account the nature of leadership and the manner in which a leader puts their own stamp on the party and on its policies and specifically the manner in which they behave whilst in Government. It was

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Wednesday, 28th May 2014

In And Out

After a very long count for all the candidates in the local and European elections it now looks clear that the electorate has sent a very clear message to the Government. It is tired of recession politics and budgets which has meant that their standard of living has sharply decreased. There is no other way to interpret the drubbing that the two Government parties got over the weekend as the ballot papers were counted. Although Fine Gael didn't seem to get hit as much as their Labour partner the two parties can not be in any doubt as to the seriousness of the electorate in the manner in which it made its feelings felt. Fine Gael and Labour candidates dropped by the wayside with each count and no matter how much leaders of the two parties tried to

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Wednesday, 26th March 2014

spring is in the air

Although the weather might not always be in agreement, you certainly can't deny that Spring is definitely beginning to make its presence felt. The weather is slowly starting to get better, daffodils are all around and blossom is starting to come out on trees. After suffering through one of the most difficult winters on record it is about time that Spring is at long last beginning to make an appearance. More than any other season Spring is one of the most welcome and eagerly anticipated. Experiencing the abject cold and misery of Winter only to have the weather become warmer and nature to reawaken is certainly one of the best times of the year. It is also one of the most important times of the year in religion as well. Spring is all about rebirth and

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Letters to the Editor


    Cultural AttitudesThe recent survey by Price Waterhouse Cooper into cultural attitude that exist in the police force made for some interesting reading. One of the main findings in the report was that respondents felt that it was best to keep your head down and if you did think that something was wrong that it was better for yourself if you kept quiet about it.Another finding was that a significant amount of Gardai felt that it was who you knew and not what you knew that determined how far you advan …

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