Sunday, 18th March 2018
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Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

Rename Barrack Street the 'Doggie-doo Dash’

Dear Editor,

I’m seriously considering applying to the City and Council to have Barrack Street in the city centre renamed to 'Doggie-doo Dash’ due to the frequent and alarming amount of doggie

doo-doo which is a daily sight on this particular street.

As a regular walker (and a dog owner myself) I am flummoxed at the amount of canine excrement along this city thoroughfare. It’s as if the city law which states under Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 that "it is an offence for a person in charge of a dog not to clean up when their dog fouls in a public place" does not apply in this particular neighbourhood.

According to the city council website "Failure to clean up your dog’s waste can lead to a €150 on-the-spot fine or on summary conviction to a

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Wednesday, 26th November 2014

A Time To Help

With the news that the Ebola disease has spread to the African country of Mali it is heartening to hear that the Irish response to this deadly infection has been stepped up. GOAL has just announced that they have sent 17 doctors, nurses and paramedics to neighbouring Sierra Leone as part of their fight against the disease. There are many Irish Aid Organisations that are currently involved in fighting Ebola in West African countries and it certainly cannot be said that there is not a concerted effort amongst people of the first world in helping those in the third world. Naturally enough there will always be questions of what individual countries governments are doing, and specifically are they doing enough, in terms of giving aid but as of this moment it seems that the West is really

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Wednesday, 19th November 2014

The Lady is not for Moving

When Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald was asked to stop speaking and ultimately asked to leave the Dail Chamber by the Ceann Chomhairle last week and refused it seemed as yet again a politician was out to take a stance that the overwhelming majority of Irish people couldn't see the point of. Understandably enough her fellow Sinn Fein colleagues backed her up all the way and were quick to round on the Ceann Comhairle for his actions. They assured reporters that McDonald was making a very valid point, although what the point of sitting in a virtually empty Dail Chamber after everyone else filed out was, is yet to be fully and cogently expressed. To most viewers it seemed as if yet again politicians were being caught up in something that seemed to have a

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Wednesday, 12th November 2014


Once again Waterford Institute of Technology is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The sudden resignation of Dr. Donie Ormonde, as President of the College following a meeting with Ms. Jan O'Sullivan, Minister for Education and members of the Board of Management and the appointment of Mr. Michael Kelly a former senior Civil Servant in his place was surprising. Tributes were paid to Dr. Ormonde for his work as chairman of the Board.

Last weeks statements from both Carlow and Waterford Institutes that they were no longer on the same page regarding a Technological University for the region took many people by surprise. The Minister has made it very plain that the future prospect of a Technological University for the South East must be inclusive of Carlow and Waterford. However, the Executive Board of WIT has taken

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Wednesday, 5th November 2014

Dear Editor,

On 8 November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm to ever make landfall, hit the Philippines. It killed thousands of people, wiped out entire villages and left 4 million homeless. Roads, electricity and communications were cut off. In all, 14 million people were affected by the disaster.

The huge humanitarian response saved thousands of lives, as fast delivery of emergency relief prevented widespread hunger and outbreaks of disease. This was only made possible by the generosity of the public, including by people in Waterford.

Gistado Gallaron, a rice and coconut farmer in Leyte, said at the time: "In one year, Oxfam will still be here and you will see an improvement because of the help you have given us."

As we approach one year on, I would like to say thank you to Waterford Today readers. Their contribution is helping to make

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Wednesday, 5th November 2014

The events that happened in Waterford City recently where demonstrators congregated outside a house of a Roma family have inevitably led to a very harsh and somewhat unfair media portrayal of what life in our city is like. While there can be no excuse for what happened the many commentators who spoke of racism being prevalent in Waterford and also using unfair language should be seen for what it is, sensationalism for an increased readership. A recent statement that was signed by 10 Civic Leaders ranging from Senators, T.D.s, Business leaders and the Garda Superintendent spoke about their severe distaste about what happened at The Manor over the last weekend and the utterly injustice of mob rule where a single Roma family were terrorised within their own home. Understandably they are concerned that the proper processes of law are observed

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Wednesday, 29th October 2014

They Got It Wrong

When nearly every second news story that you read is concerned with the imminent imposition of water charges you just know that this present Government is in for a rocky road from the voting public. Everywhere you turn you seem to hear personal incidences of people who either say that they won't pay this new charge, they can't afford to pay this new charge or why should they pay for something that they can't use in the first place. When it comes to the latter it seems that the quality of the water supply is so bad in a lot of areas that people cannot actually use it without boiling it first or else they have to go out and buy water. Imagine being hit with a bill for that kind of service? It is no wonder

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Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

Church Comes Out

Two people meet, fall in love and decide to move in together.  Not such a big deal?  Well, when the two people are both Roman Catholic Priests then it is of course a big deal.  And the reason that everyone now knows about it is that the two men very recently went to court to settle a legal dispute concerning the ownership of their property following their split.  The case has been settled but the broader questions that arise are far from fully answered.  If there hadn't been a court case very few people would have been aware of the relationship between the two priests but going public with the dispute understandably drew a wide amount of media attention.  One of the men remains within the church while the other has left and both say that they still

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Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

'underwhelming' Tramore.

12th October, 2014

Dear Editor,

In March 2001, the country heard the news that Foot and Mouth Disease has arrived in Ireland. It was a complete lockdown of the country. By contrast the visible preparations made for Ebola, a deadly virus with as yet no cure are positively underwhelming.

The World Health Organisation say the official death count is at 4,000, doubling every few weeks and it could hit 20,000 and parts of Africa unrecorded. There are no direct flights between Ireland and Sierra Leone, Guinea or Liberia. Ireland is well prepared in the unlikely event of an Ebola case here and our risk is officially low.

I understand the concern of the nurses body INMO, and they have asked HSE that all the necessary precautions and training are in place for nurses who may be in contact with persons suspected of EBOLA.

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Wednesday, 15th October 2014

Anxious Times

The news of the inexorable spread of the Ebola disease has many people worried about every cough and splutter they hear coming from a stranger. While there are perhaps many more immediate worries for people both domestically and internationally it would appear that Ebola has caught the public's imagination and every new case that has come to light outside the hot zone of West Africa is being avidly followed. There are now confirmed cases in America as well as in Spain.

Just this weekend a man decided to make a joke on a flight by standing up and shouting that he had Ebola. Needless to say that panic ensued and the man is now facing major charges. Perhaps the last place you should ever make a joke these days is on a plane. But it is not so hard to

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