Sunday, 23rd April 2017
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Wednesday, 24th July 2013

What's in a name?

Mercy, Charity, Good, Charity, Refuge. All of these are of course great things to be and if you have them in your name then you might think that you have an awful lot to live up to. In a way it is kind of advertising what you are all about. But as we have seen this week with four religious orders in Ireland with these nouns in their titles it seems as if these words mean very little to them at all. Having been asked to give money to those who worked in servitude in their laundries the four orders of nuns have said that while they are willing to help the women they will not give over any money. Naturally no one is expecting them to foot the full estimated 350 million euro bill but the

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Wednesday, 17th July 2013

Anyone for a Lapdance?

Just when you thought that Irish politicians couldn't get any stranger along comes an incidence to push your credulity just that little bit further. During the debate on the Protection of Life during Pregnancy bill last week in the early hours of the morning Fine Gael T.D. Tom Barry pulled a passing female T.D. onto his lap in what was later described by someone in his party as 'horseplay'. It was harder to think what was more insulting, what Tom Barry did or what someone in his party tried to pass it off as. Naturally later on Fine Gael retracted its 'horseplay' dismissal of what happened and made some sounds about how seriously the matter was being taken. To make matters worse Tom Barry tried to talk away what he had done by talking about how earlier

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Wednesday, 10th July 2013

Conscience Striken

Perhaps because it is such a rarity a huge amount of space in the media has recently been given over to a politician who has said that they are going 'to follow their conscience no matter the consequences' in the forthcoming bill relating to abortion. Lucinda Creighton has made much of her stance and it seems that the media has been covering every single nuance of this case since it first saw light of day. Much is being made of this case because it is seen as an unprecedented step by a politician who is considered on the up. If she votes against her party's wishes then there is no doubt that she will be expelled from it and will have to suffer the consequences. At first you might think that she is taking a brave stance but the

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Wednesday, 3rd July 2013

No Surprises

Cilla Black used to caterwaul at the end of her T.V. show 'Surprise, Surprise, when the unexpected hits you between the eyes.' However this isn't really the case when it comes to the recordings of Anglo bosses talking about the troubles at their bank and their recklessly cavalier attitude to the huge sums of money that they were going to be asking the Government to bail them out. Who in the country was really surprised when you heard the tapes that the Independent newspaper had got their hands on? You might have had many reactions, anger, disgust or even fury but surely surprise wasn't one of them. We seem to have gotten to the state in this country that we are inured to the disgusting behaviour of senior business people, not to mention politicians who sleepwalked the nation into

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Tuesday, 25th June 2013

New Baby Milk & Baby Food Eu Legislation welcome

Nessa Childers MEP has welcomed the new baby food & baby milk legislation voted in Strasbourg.

"These new rules promoting and labelling food for babies are very welcome. Parents need to be confident and have reliable information when buying food for their babies, in particular milk-based products.

"In future, the labelling of milk-based food for babies up to the age of 12 months, including follow-on formula, will not include any pictures of infants or other pictures intended to idealise the use of such foods, to make sure that breast-feeding is not discouraged.

"We cannot allow parents to be misled. Babies' health is too important to be left in the hands of a multinational company's marketing department.

"After much tough

negotiating by MEPs with national governments, the

Parliament won a victory to extend labelling restrictions which currently apply to

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Wednesday, 19th June 2013

Not so GR8 G8

With world attention on Fermanagh as the meeting place of the latest G8 Summit it is no wonder that locals are basking in the reflected spotlight. We have all been told, if we haven't already experienced at first hand, the beauty of the location. We know about the exclusiveness of the hotels that the various leaders are going to be staying as well as some of their security detail. We know about the menus from which they will be choosing from. There is little about summit meeting that the media doesn't think we would like to know about. Of course it is welcome publicity for the region and it is a very beautiful part of the country but to be honest what is of most interest is what these leaders of the richest countries will talk about

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Tuesday, 11th June 2013

Making Hay while the Sun Shines

Naturally, by the time that you read this editorial the weather will have changed majorly several times and we will have experienced lashing rain, snow, gale force winds and hailstones but the thing is that for about the first time this year we have experienced some really good weather that lasted for more than the usual 20 minutes to half an hour. As a nation we are obsessed by the weather and its entirely understandable. It is so variable and in such a constant flux that it is really impossible to predict what the weather might be like from one week to the next. Of course we have weather forecasts that should really take care of all of that but we are all a little too experienced to fully take the weather forecast at face

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Tuesday, 11th June 2013

Institute of Technology

As President of St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, I wish to extend my sincere and hearty congratulations to Waterford Institute of Technology and President Ruaidhrí Neavyn on the recent and welcomed news regarding the Institute's pending technological university status. Just as Waterford and Rochester enjoy the status of Sister Cities, so too SJFC and WIT have had a mutually beneficial relationship over the years.

Since my first visit to Waterford in 2008, we have established a strong working partnership that has considerably enriched our institutions and our communities. In November 2011 while visiting Waterford, Acting WIT President Tony McFeely and I signed a 'Memorandum of Understanding' to work together to establish education initiatives that include programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; curriculum development projects; online delivery pilot programs; joint conferences; faculty/student exchange programs; specialized

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Tuesday, 4th June 2013

Everything comes

The news that Waterford Institute of Technology, in conjunction with the Institute of Technology Carlow, has been 'signed off' for technological university status by the Government must come as very welcome news for everyone who has campaigned for this over many long and hard years. Of course the proviso must be added that until everything is signed on the dotted line and the ink is dry on the documents awarding this new status no one can really breathe a complete sigh of relief. There have been too many false dawns in relation to a lot of things promised by various Governments not to be a little wary when it comes to this issue.

To say that it is one of the most important issues facing Waterford would not be to overplay it's seriousness. University status for Waterford, even if it

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Tuesday, 28th May 2013

Creche Questions

The news that three creches investigated by RTE's Primetime programme undercover and where they discovered serious failing must have been agonising for the parents of the children involved. Of course the programme has yet to air but already the three creches that were investigated have already suspended some of their staff and instituted reports into the allegations already. Most of the parents whose children attended those creches have said that they have welcomed the nature of the undercover reporting but others have been vocal about the fact that they did not give their permission for filming of their children. The latter attitude is a bit hard to understand considering what was found out about the running of these creches and given the fact that in all likelihood all the faces of the children will be disguised by blurring once

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Letters to the Editor


    Waterford Institute of TechnologyWaterford Institute of Technology is once again making national headlines for all the wrong reasons. At the recent Public Accounts Committee meeting representatives of WIT were questioned and in turn left more questionsunanswered. The Chairman of the P.A.C. Sean Fleming, T.D.,Fianna Fail, called the failure to have up to date accounts for W.I.T. as “disgraceful”.Faced with a deficit of €15m. the financial problems facing the Institute are very …

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