Sunday, 26th March 2017
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Wednesday, 11th January 2017

As you might have seen from posters around town and in our pages there will be a march happening this Saturday, starting from Ballybricken, in support of increased cancer services in the UHW. The issue of health is always such a huge topic and until you or someone close to you is affected by ill health do you fully realise just how important it is. Come out and support this march.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to cardiology treatment and just how onerous an experience this can be, often involving travelling long distances. Having more treatments and better treatments here on our doorstep will help so many people so anything that is done to highlight the issue has to be commended.

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Wednesday, 11th January 2017

This is your chance to take part in the New Series!

Are you looking for an opportunity to transform your business? We're currently looking for people and

properties to take part in the next series of

At Your Service, starring 5 star hotel experts

Francis and John Brennan.

If you own or run a hotel, guesthouse, B&B, hostel, caravan park, campsite, self-catering cottages, or

similar then this is your chance to get advice from the Brennans which could change your business fortunes forever.

We're also looking for different and unusual projects for the show, so if you’re thinking of diversifying, e.g. opening a shop, tearoom, salon or other start-up

business with a catering or hospitality element, please get in touch if you think the Brennans could help.

We'd love to hear from you, so if you’re interested in taking part and are happy to be featured on TV, please

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Wednesday, 4th January 2017

New Year

Like nervous in-laws sizing up a prospective fiancee there will be many people who gave the start of this new year a guarded welcome. While we are, almost daily, told that things are improving for us here in Ireland, there doesn't seem to be that much that has really changed in the last couple of years for people to feel truly hopeful. The recession that began in 2008 has made a strong impression on the lives of nearly everyone in the country and there will be very many households who don't have their own particular stories to tell. But like marriage, new years are all about the triumph of hope over experience and many people, while reticent, will at least be hoping that this new year will be a better one than the one that went before.

There are assuredly

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Wednesday, 4th January 2017

There are many things that go into making a great and memorable Christmas and it is quite easy, off the top of your head, to name them. It is all those other things, the ones that we don't think about so much that provides the framework for allowing so many to kick back and enjoy the holiday period with abandon that we should give a special thanks to.

To everyone involved in organising and taking part in Winterval, all the pubs, hotels and restaurants and their hardworking staff, all the people working in shops that try to cater for shoppers of all tastes and ages, the cleaning crews who are up so early every morning making the center of the city look so good, all of them, each and everyone deserve our thanks and our praise.

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Wednesday, 4th January 2017

South East Patient Advocacy Group (SEPAG) south east region to unite for Cardiac Care

On Saturday the 14th January you will have another opportunity to have your voice heard on a life and death issue that affects every person living in the South East region. In September thousands of people came out in the pouring rain and wind to make a stand against the continued refusal of this government to implement 24/7 cardiac care. We already sent a very strong message to this government that we will not stand idly by and allow them to continue to strip away our vital services. All we have heard since then is mere lip service and no delivery of the 24/7 cardiac services for the south east region. Apart from Health Minister Simon Harris’ unannounced early morning visit to University Hospital Waterford (UHW) last

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Wednesday, 4th January 2017

South East Patient Advocacy Group (SEPAG Independent Alliance Minister John Halligan welcomes female participation on Springboard+ ICT courses

The proportion of females participating on Springboard+ ICT courses is almost double that entering through the CAO system to mainstream ICT courses, according to “Developing Talent, Changing Lives” - an evaluation of Springboard+ 2011 – 2016 - which was launched by Independent Alliance Minister for Training, Skills and Innovation, John Halligan T.D.

Welcoming the strong female participation on ICT courses, Minister Halligan said: “Data tells us that there are great job opportunities for graduates in the ICT sector and wider economy. I’m delighted that Springboard+ ICT courses are attracting a higher proportion of female participants and we need to build on this success in the coming years.”

Springboard+ represents a €113 million investment with over 30,000 course places filled on 1,349 courses since 2011. A

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Wednesday, 21st December 2016

A Joyful Christmas

There can be no doubt that this year has been one of the most eventful years for a long time. And like the Chinese curse that says 'may you live in interesting times' not too many people will be sorry to see the back of it.

With the pace of life ever-increasing it sometimes can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff but thankfully there is always Christmas to help us do that. Whatever people might say about the commercialisation of this religious holiday the one thing that doesn't change is the fact that Christmas is very firmly about family and friends, about the most important things in people's lives. It is a time when you can switch off and just concentrate on what is most important to you and for most people that is those who

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Wednesday, 21st December 2016

If there is anything better than having an enjoyable Christmas then it has to be a safe Christmas. There will be loads of parties and get togethers that people will be attending over the next number of weeks and it goes without saying that if you are driving then you should never, ever drink and drive and neither should you ever, ever use your mobile phone.

At home, always remember to have the correct, safe attachments for electrical devices and unplug them before you go to bed, always ensure that candles are extinguished as well. If you have elderly neighbours, spend a few minutes looking in on them, it would probably mean more than you'd ever know.

Christmas is a great time of the year, but above all make sure it is a safe time of the year.

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Wednesday, 21st December 2016

Greetings to everyone from the North Pole!

Dear Editor

Greetings to everyone from the North Pole!

Christmas is fast approaching and the elves are working at full pace to get all the toys and gifts ready to load onto the sleigh this Christmas Eve.

Letters are pouring in from all around the world so I would like to remind all the boys and girls in Ireland to write and post their letters to me as soon as possible.

All the boys and girls need to do is:

- Write their letter and pop it in an envelope addressed to ‘Santa Claus, The North Pole’;

- Write their own name and full postal address (in very clear handwriting) on the top left-hand corner of the front of the envelope;

- Stick on 72c stamp and

- Post it in any post box or

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Wednesday, 14th December 2016

Person of the Year

There were some raised eyebrows when Time Magazine named it's

prestigious person of the year as President-Elect Donald Trump. The

always divisive newly crowned politician still has the very real

potential to get hackles rising over the slightest thing, even when it

is not in his control. It was the editorial team of Time's decision

to give him this honour and no one else. And, love him or loathe him,

there is no getting away from the fact that this maverick outsider has

completely dominated the news in the Western world in a manner that no

one else has this year. And it is not as if Time is saying that by

picking him they are endorsing him, if anything they have placed a

huge question mark over the man by running his photo with the byline

'President of a Divided States of America', if that isn't a

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Letters to the Editor


    Republican Icon diesThe death of Martin McGuinness in Derry yesterday morning brings to an end the life of one of the most remarkable Republicans ever in the history of the movement. A person who made the transition from violent militarism to a key figure in the peace process in Northern Ireland. He died aged 66 in Derry’s Altanagelvin Hospital with his family by his bedside.A former member of the IRA’S Army Council he became Sinn Fein’s Chief negotiator in the peace process. He led the Sinn Fein P …

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