Sunday, 26th March 2017
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Wednesday, 1st February 2017

One million euros for the capture of a criminal alive just so a rival criminal international criminal cartel can torture him to death. It sounds like a convoluted Hollywood plot but seemingly it is the latest twist in the deadly Kinahan-Hutch feud that has already claimed lives in double figures.

The whole sorry affair has such an air of unreality about it, not helped by sensational newspaper and media headlines which sadly gives it all a seedy glamour it doesn't deserve.

You can't help but feel that the Kinahan cartel is sowing the seeds of their own destruction without even knowing it.

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Wednesday, 1st February 2017

Waterford Institute of Technology’s (WIT) Live CAO Deadline Q&A runs from 10am-5pm on 30 and 31 January, and 1 February at

Panicked parents, school leavers, and mature students who have ongoing college and course related queries can post questions (anonymously if they wish) on the WIT website this week.

Ask WIT has been extended from two hours a day for two days this time last year to seven hours a day over three days in 2017.

WIT staff will be on hand to answer the questions live over three full days. People can also browse previously answered questions.

“Our main focus is helping school leavers make the right decision for them. By hosting an online Q&A session we can help students near and far make the right decisions ahead of the CAO February 1st deadline,” said Registrar of WIT, Dr Derek

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Wednesday, 1st February 2017

Brexit: a cause of growing concern for the Irish Fishing industry

Dear Editor,

I believe there is growing concern in the Irish fishing industry about what will happen to the many areas of Irish / British shared fishing grounds after Brexit.

The fact that the Irish government has no designated Minister for the Marine & Fisheries, has no Minister for Brexit and our government officials / civil servants cannot negotiate directly with the British.

The Irish State must negotiate through EU channels only, which will mean we must first negotiate with the EU, then they in turn will negotiate with the British on our behalf. Irish fishermen are very concerned about this and its causing a lot of uncertainty within the Irish fishing industry.

Irish fishermen have for years been at the losing end of EU / Irish negotiations and they are now fearful they

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Wednesday, 25th January 2017


When the shock of the leave vote winning in Britain dissipated the real talk turned to just how long it would take for the country to formally leave the European Union. In the beginning it was thought that it would be a long, drawn out process that would take years and years. Fast forward a few months and it is looking increasingly likely that Britain will have left the EU by the end of this year.

A 'hard' exit has been the choice taken by the British government which will see the process of leaving taking as little time as possible and it seems as if everyone else that will be affected by the decision will be left to pick up the pieces. Naturally enough there have been politicians on the continent who have said that they will make it as

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Wednesday, 25th January 2017

With the inauguration of President Trump last Friday it seems like the entire planet has gone down the rabbit hole to a world where a new reality holds sway. There is absolutely no guessing what the next four years will hold with Trump in charge but one thing is for sure - it will not be is boring. If anything it is going to be relentlessly, tiresomely interesting, punctuated with furious tweets and wild announcements. No doubt his every statement will be followed avidly by an eager press and an even more eager social media but how many times can you be outraged or feel indignant before it all just becomes a bit too repetitive and ultimately meaningless.

New booklet from WIT helps CAO applicants work out their interests

The How to research your CAO options booklet has been sent to schools

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Wednesday, 25th January 2017

Brexit flight uncertainty to make it hard for Waterford airport to attract new UK flights – Clune

dear editor,

Brexit may impact on flights between Ireland and the UK as there will be no aviation agreements in place post Brexit to allow for these flights. She has called on the EU Commission to act now and start the process of allowing Britain access to the European Common Aviation Area so that flights between Ireland and the UK are not unduly impacted when Brexit happens and that we have immediate certainty in both our aviation and tourism markets. She has said that this clarity and certainty is needed for Waterford airport as they try and attract routes between Waterford and the UK.

Clune said that it is difficult to attract new routes and airlines normally, never mind when you throw Brexit uncertainty into the

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Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Cautious Welcome

News that a mobile cath lab for cardiac patients at University Hospital Waterford that has just been announced has been welcomed by many as one of the first steps for a permanent second unit in the South East. The deal was struck between the Minister for Health and Waterford Minister for State John Halligan on Thursday for the mobile cath lab but as of yet no concrete details have been provided for the running of the lab or even when it will be installed. At present there is a backlog of approximately 700 cardiac patients at the Hospital and even with the establishment of the mobile unit roughly 300 patients will have to be sent to Cork to be treated. Given that UHW has a catchment area of about 500,000 people the establishment of round the clock cardiac care

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Wednesday, 18th January 2017

15 people, twice the number of last year, have already died from the seasonal flu outbreak and doctors are advising that the viral outbreak has not even yet reached its peak. All of the victims have been over 65 and a combination of factors are making this year's outbreak one of the worst in recent years. Low uptakes on the flu vaccine as well as a particularly virulent strain of the flu are seeing flu levels rising by over 180% this year. It is now being discussed that from next year on all children over the age of 2 will be offered a jab free nasal flu vaccine and it is thought this will bring levels down with less children passing the virus onto to older members in their families who are most at risk.

News that a mobile cath lab

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Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Waterford urged to take part in daring new contest launched by Concern

Dear Editor

A DARING new contest encouraging people to do humanitarian-focused challenges has been launched by Concern Worldwide.

Surviving on €5 worth of food over five days or hauling around a daily allowance of five litres of water for cooking, cleaning and drinking are two of several tasks facing participants in the aid agency’s inaugural World Champions competition.

The winning team will spend over a week in one of the 27 countries, where Concern Worldwide operates, to find out how the money they raised goes to helping people living in extreme poverty. The life-changing competition involves people setting up teams and winning points by completing regular missions, promoting their own efforts on social media and by fundraising.

Concern’s World Champions manager, Jonathan Power, from Tallaght, south Dublin, said: “Adventure awaits those who register

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Wednesday, 11th January 2017


It is fast becoming a staple of the post Christmas season that the news is full of reports of how over-crowded our hospitals are, how many people are on trolleys in hallways and how the winter flu season is wreaking havoc in the health sector. So far this year it is being estimated that 7 people have died due to the flu season but that the peak of the outbreak has not yet been reached and that it is expected to happen in the next two weeks or so.

It is also being reported that this year there has been a lower than expected uptake of the flu jab in various targeted sectors of the population who are most at risk. Those most at risk are the elderly and it has been an issue of some concern that not enough are

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Letters to the Editor


    Republican Icon diesThe death of Martin McGuinness in Derry yesterday morning brings to an end the life of one of the most remarkable Republicans ever in the history of the movement. A person who made the transition from violent militarism to a key figure in the peace process in Northern Ireland. He died aged 66 in Derry’s Altanagelvin Hospital with his family by his bedside.A former member of the IRA’S Army Council he became Sinn Fein’s Chief negotiator in the peace process. He led the Sinn Fein P …

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