Monday, 16th July 2018
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Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Dear Editor

I would urge those who at the moment see the 12 weeks as a stumbling block to a yes vote, to take a moment to consider the following. Firstly, we are not actually voting on any of the proposed legislation. That still has to make it through the Dáil should the 8th amendment be repealed.

But secondly, even if the legislation does pass we need to look at what actually happens in reality. I think we all know, if we think about it, that when faced with an unintended pregnancy most women will not take months to make up her mind what she wants to do.

We know that between those who travel and those who take abortion pills at home there are at least 4,000 abortions in Ireland every year. Figures from 2016 show that 70% of these abortions take

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Wednesday, 2nd May 2018

As the days become longer and as the summer months become inexorably closer, so we approach the high point of the tourism season in Waterford. In the last number of years there have been a number of developments that have certainly ensured that the numbers of tourists in the city and county have improved.

There has been the development of the 'Viking Triangle' which has been hugely promoted as well as the addition of the wonderful Medieval Museum in the center of the city which has been a huge tourist draw. The establishment of the Waterford Crystal centre in this area of the city has also been a boon.

Historically Waterford has been seen as a 'corridor' county when it comes to tourism. A place where tourists merely passed through on their way to somewhere else like Kilkenny or Kerry and Cork.

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Wednesday, 25th April 2018


The news that one third of Irish children have been classified as obese must come as a shocking revelation to a majority of Irish people. The statistic was revealed to the Oireachtais as part of an enquiry into the health of Ireland's upcoming generations. The list of probable ailments that Irish children who are obese are storing up for themselves are alarming as well.

At the moment there are children presenting to doctors with fatty livers and incipent onset of Type 2 Diabetes all diseases more commonly found in the middle aged. Now children as young as eight and ten are coming to their doctors with middle aged illnesses which in the long term will significantly reduce their life expectancy. After getting over the statistic of just how poorly our children are doing in terms of health comes the question of

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Wednesday, 25th April 2018

At the time of writing Waterford has been basking in the sunshine for a glorious few days. Given how long and arduous our winter has been it is about time that the weather gods smiled on us for once. Anyone who had the opportunity to take advantage of the great weather should have had a wonderful time enjoying all that Waterford has to offer in terms of it's coast and it's interior.

Waterford truly is a tremendous place to be when the sun comes out. The good weather might be a bonus for everyone but for some it's a matter of necessity and that is of course for the farmers who have needed the dry and sunny weather desperately. It's interesting to think what passes for a good time for some is tremendously important for others. Of course the best thing

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Wednesday, 18th April 2018

Religious Tolerance

At a public meeting last week to discuss the plans for a new mosque in Kilkenny, it seemed that out of the crowd of approximately 200 that attended, the overwhelming majority were against the idea. While it was reported that most people were against the addition of the mosque to Kilkenny life due to logistical reasons, it was also reported, and quite prominently, that there were more than a few people who were vocally opposed to the whole idea of a any sort of mosque being built on religious grounds.

One person was reported as saying that the whole area would turn into a new 'Mecca' and that it would bring in Muslims from all over the region and that that would be unacceptable. What is more unacceptable is that such an attitude should be given oxygen.

Ireland has developed enormously

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Wednesday, 18th April 2018

It was talked about for a while but now that the allied attack on Syria has taken place it seems that a new chapter in the seven year old civil war in that country has been opened. There has been a lot of back and forth over the reasons as to why America, Britain and France decided to take joint action against the Syrian regime. It was the chemical attack on Douma killing dozens of men, women and children that led to the three countries coming together to target chemical weapons sites in the country. The allies of Syria has said that there was no reason for the attack and that in fact Russia came out and said that the attack in Douma was a provocation and masterminded by the British. As has been said there is a lot of

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Wednesday, 18th April 2018

Taoiseach has crossed a line by leading fundraising drive for repeal side

Commenting on the tweet sent from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's twitter account encouraging donations to the repeal the Eighth Amendment campaign, Cora Sherlock of the Love Both campaign said:

"The Taoiseach has used his office to endorse a private organisation working to take human rights out of the Irish Constitution. The fact that he has asked the Irish People to donate to the pro-abortion side is a totally unprecedented and highly inappropriate step for a Taoiseach to take during a referendum campaign."

She continued:

"The Taoiseach has never met with groups representing women who regret their abortions, groups representing families who say their children are alive today thanks to the Eighth Amendment or healthcare professionals who credit the Eighth Amendment with saving lives."

"The tweet by the Taoiseach is another example of his unwillingness

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Wednesday, 18th April 2018

The Medical Alliance for the 8th welcomes and endorses the views expressed recently by consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists including Prof. Eamon McGuinness, Dr. Michael O'Hare and Dr. Mary Holohan that the 8th Amendment does not hinder their ability to provide safe maternal care to pregnant women.

We wish to express our grave concern at the misinformation being publicly disseminated by pro-abortion advocates in their attempts to misrepresent the 8th Amendment.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but facts speak for themselves. As pointed out by Dr. Michael O'Hare chairman of the Joint Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists/HSE working group on maternal mortality our excellent maternal mortality figures give the lie to the claim that the 8th Amendment has endangered women's lives.

Three independent reports into the tragic death of Mrs. Savita Halappanvar found that the cause of her death was overwhelming sepsis

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Wednesday, 18th April 2018

Leslie Hughes has been selected by Sinn Féin to head the party's campaign in Waterford to repeal the 8th amendment. Leslie, who is a Sinn Féin area representative for Waterford City West, said "I am delighted to have been chosen by my colleagues to head Sinn Féin's repeal the 8th campaign in Waterford. Repeal of the 8th Amendment is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that Irish women have access to proper and appropriate healthcare.

"The 8th Amendment should never have been placed in our Constitution. Bitter experience over decades demonstrates this.

"It is essential to recall real cost to women and girls of the Eighth amendment:

"In the 1992 X-Case, a suicidal girl of 14, the child victim of a rape, was prevented by the High Court from travelling abroad to obtain an abortion.

"It has caused countless women and families with the

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Wednesday, 11th April 2018

Race for the Presidency

This year is going to be a pretty busy one when it comes to politics. There is going to be a referendum at the end of May and also whether we like it or not there is bound to be a general election at some stage this year or early next year as well. If that wasn't enough to contend with then there is also the issue of the election of a new President, the date of which has yet to be decided.

The election of a new President is a bit of an open card because, although the majority of people who go forward for election are backed by political parties, there are always some who aren't that well known to the general public. Mary Robinson and Mary McAlese were not exactly household names before they went

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