Friday, 23rd June 2017
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Waterford Airport Flying High

Flights from Waterford Airport to three UK cities to resume on July 24

Waterford Airport has announced the resumption of scheduled services to three cities in the UK beginning on Monday, July 24 with an inaugural service to London Luton at 7.15am.

The services to London Luton, Manchester and Birmingham will be operated by a new airline, Aer Southeast, an Irish aviation start-up with registered offices at Waterford Airport, who have very considerable experience in regional aviation and the backing of Irish and Scandinavian investors. The service will use a Saab 340 aircraft that will be based at Waterford Airport.

Bookings can be made for London Luton via the Waterford Airport website, as well as the direct link from 9am Tuesday, June 20. Bookings for Manchester and Birmingham on the Aer Southeast website will be available in the coming days and this will be communicated through the Airport’s... Read more »»

Waterford Airport Flying High

Waterford Airport Flying High

New Winterval Committee takes the reins!

New Winterval Committee takes the reins!

Former Chief Executive of Waterford Chamber of Commerce, Nick Donnelly, has been announced as Chair of Winterval, Ireland’s Favourite Christmas Festival.

The quintessential yuletide...

Ministerial key developments on wind guidelines shows politics is not working

A review of the 2006 wind guidelines was initiated over 4 years ago in early 2013, and put to public consultation in late 2013, it included changing a notional 500 Metre set-back distance in the 2006 guidelines to a mandatory 500 Metres. Oddly the new key development keeps faith with the 500 metres set-back even though the 500 Meter set-back distance has already been classed as "inadequate" by the Minister.

Practically every single wind development over the last Seven to Ten years has... Read more »»


Letters to the Editor


    Brexit AnniversaryIt is now nearly one year since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU and since then there has been a lot of speculation but very little leg work done on what exact shape Brexit is going to take. There was a time, when Brexit first became a word, (one that even a four year old could hold a conversation about now), that the whole issue of the U.K. leaving the EU was one that very few people could envisage. Now that it has come to pass, people know what it might entail, but very f …

    read more »

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